What You Should Know About Bail Bondsman

If you’re having a challenge in raising the entire amount of your bail, an excellent bail bondsman in Jacksonville, FL, can further assist you. For your awareness, this post will highlight the role of a bail bondsman.

Ways You Can Have Temporary Freedom After an Arrest

  • If you have funds, you can pay for the full amount of the bond with the court or jail.
  • Your real estate can be used as collateral with the court.
  • Seek for local bail bonds assistance.
  • In some cases, the judge can allow you to get out of jail while you wait for the next trial date.

Contacting a Bail Bondsman

It’s not unanticipated that the first thing that the bail bondsman will discuss with you during the initial call is offering the pricing options. After the agreement, the bond agent will make you understand the process, and he will provide the surety bond with the court, with the purpose of releasing the person in question.

Take note of this: The defendant is always expected to appear in court during trial dates. This is required to dodge paying extra to the bail bondsman.

What Happens if the Defendant Doesn’t Show Up at a Trial Date?

When the person in question misses attending the court at a dedicated period, the action is called ’skipping bail.’ When this happens, the surety will be submitted and relinquished.

It’s the responsibility of the bail bond agent to find the defendant and bring him back to the court. Those friends or relatives who co-signed the bail bond will be accountable for the bond charge. What could be more depressing is, if the cosigner used a deposit, for example, a property to acquire the bond, he could end up losing the property when the defendant didn’t show up at a trial date.

What the Bail Bondsman Needs from You

  • The exact place and the name of the prison where the person is in supervision.
  • The full name  and booking number of the person in custody
  • The bail amount

What to Expect When Hiring a Bail Bondsman

  • The bond agent requires you to settle a non-refundable premium. To give you an idea, typically it’s 10% of the bail amount set.
  • You need to put down collateral to acquire the bond to put the defendant out of jail.
  • The bail bondsman can coordinate with a bounty hunter to capture the person in question in cases that the defendant does not abide by the law.

Find a reliable bail bondsman in Jacksonville, FL for your convenience. This is the fastest way to enable the person in question to gain temporary freedom to settle everything. The information provided above will guide you.