How To Ensure You Hire The Best Jacksonville Criminal Defense Lawyer

Getting the services of a Jacksonville criminal defense lawyer should be the first thing you should do when being charged with a serious crime. The attorney is a skilled professional able to ensure that you get a fair shot at the charges you face and that your fundamental legal rights are not compromised.

It is often hard to have a sound judgment that will help make the right choices when charged with a crime; the emotion run high, and the stress of facing your charges only add salt to the wound. Your best chances of having the charges absolved or you get a fair judgment when present in a Jacksonville court.

Lawyers tend to have a variety of expertise and can choose to specialize in a few. Nevertheless, there are limitations to the area in which a criminal attorney can practice the profession. As such you should hire an attorney who is an expert in handling the particular type of criminal charges you face. If you are accused of assaulting someone yet it was an act of self-defense, you stand better chances of winning the case if you hire a criminal defense lawyer who specializes in assault cases than an attorney who specializes in fraud cases.

Finding a criminal attorney in Jacksonville should not be hard, the real task is getting one with a distinguished record of winning cases. Such a lawyer will have years of experience and is aptly knowledgeable about various aspects of criminal law. So, how will you know that you are hiring such a capable attorney? You can know by asking the following questions.

1. How many years has the lawyer practiced criminal law?

2. How many cases similar to yours has the attorney handled, and how many has the lawyer won?

3. How many jury trials as the lawyer handled?

4. What does the lawyer think about your case and the chances of winning?

5. Will the attorney be the one to personally handle the case of will he hand it to his subordinates?

As you consider this, also note that you need to get a lawyer who takes the time to listen to your side and puts in a personal effort to instigate the allegations and formulate a strong defense. The attorney should show a personal interest and concern to your case; you will be assured of getting an equivocal support and assistance from your Jacksonville criminal defense lawyer.