Looking for Montessori Schools Jacksonville Fl Has to Offer


When you’re looking for Montessori schools Jacksonville Fl has to offer, you will find a wide variety of choices. What is a Montessori classroom and what should guide your decision in choosing a Montessori school?

What is a Montessori classroom?

This is a method of education that was invented by the Italian Dr. Maria Montessori. She was an educator and a physician who died in 1952. The technique known as “Montessori” is different from a traditional method of grade-school education. It is child-centered, meaning the child, guided by the adult teacher or teachers, is free to learn and explore in an open setting that encourages independence rather than in a context entirely governed by the teacher, such as desks and chairs facing a blackboard. With Montessori, the teacher sets the environment, but the child is encouraged to make use of the situation with a sense of order and freedom and self-direction within limits. When guidance and support are needed, the teacher is there to give it.

What is a Montessori school?

A Montessori school follows the Montessori method. The majority of these schools are private, and therefore, tuition is required. However, there are approximately 500 public Montessori schools throughout the United States including in Jacksonville, Florida.

How do you choose a Montessori school?

When you’re looking for Montessori schools Jacksonville Fl has to offer, observation should be your number one focus. You should not only observe the teacher or teachers to determine their style, but you should also observe the students. How do they relate to the teacher or teachers? How do they relate to their environment? Do they look happy or do they seem anxious and stressed? Also, you should take note of the classroom. How clean is it? Is it organized? Finally, be sure to ask any questions you may have.