Important Questions to Ask When Choosing a Data Recovery Service

Todaýs crucial data is conveniently stored and accessed in digital format making it safer and more convenient in many regards. Nevertheless, the systems are subject to malfunction and important information can be as good as gone when stuck inside a malfunctioning device.

Data can be lost due to viral attacks, operating system errors, damage to the hard drive and many other reasons. But, once you have exhausted your resource of experience on the issue, it is time to find the best way to retrieve this data. If the data storage system should meet an unexpected anomaly, retrieving this important data will require the reputable data recovery services.

To make sure you are getting the best service possible from your data recovery service, following are some questions you could ask:

1) What’s your background in data recovery?

Experience is essential in this industry as with any other. Knowing how long a company has been in business will provide you some clues as to the level of expertise that can be expected from their technicians. You can also ask about their clients and if they have taken on similar projects like your own.

2) What is your data recovery process?


You will want to find the company that offers the best deal. Many will offer a “No Recovery No Charge” plan and others will provide a free diagnosis and projected price. This will help you avoid the hidden costs and added services provided by the more opportunistic ventures. Any company worth calling up will offer both free quotes and no charge if your data can’t be recovered.

3) Where is my hard drive stored and handled after I leave your facility?


Many companies will claim to work from a single clean lab, but may actually operate from various drop off locations scattered around the city. Much can be lost and damaged in transportation and it is better to drop off your drive directly at the clean room. Furthermore, you will want to know about their confidentiality agreements to ensure you are not the victims of data theft. A reputable company will have a secure vault or locked storage chamber that only provides access specific technicians.

4) Do you have a clean (dust-free) environment to open a hard drive?

A small problem with the data could lead to complete hard drive failure if your device is opened in a dusty environment or with dirty fingers. It only takes the smallest amount of debris or foreign contaminants to cause a malfunction. Data recovery services that keep a specially designed room for these operations can save your trouble in the future.