Information About USA ESTA Visa

An ESTA visa allows one to visit the US, for a minimum of 90 days without requiring the visa provided it is a holiday or a business trip. It is also called a visa waiver program. USA ESTA is actually open for all citizens who are visa waiver countries which include the UK. To the countries which are being part of this program, they only visit US visa website which opens in the new window.

Esta Visa

There is official guidance which says you need to submit the application for at least 72 hours before the travel. You may require the USA ESTA visa even when you are going to change the planes in America. Here is how you can apply.

1. Apply online through an official ESTA website which opens in the new window. You can wait for upto 72 hours to be given the response, though the application which can be processed promptly.
2. Make the note of an application number so that you may check the ESTA status or even update your details.
3. Make the ESTA visa payment which costs about $14 if done through the ESTA website. You will probably pay extra if doing it through a travel agent. If you are denied entry to the US you will be charged about $4.
4. View the application status immediately the ESTA is approved. It is valid for 2 years and then you can make many trips to and fro in America within this period without reapplying again.
You do not have to take the ESTA visa information or print off with you when you’re traveling as this will repeatedly be sent to the carrier. The USA ESTA rules state that you are required to apply before 72 hours of your travel.
If the ESTA is actually turned down, you are required to apply for Non-immigrant Visa which opens in a new window. This normally involves booking the appointment at the US embassy and visit in person. Much time will be consumed that is why you need to book well earlier.

The accepted ESTA visa application will cost $14 per person which need to be paid using the credit card. If the application has been rejected, it will only cost you $4. If you are traveling for the big family holiday, this can add up very first. The fee can be charged to the card as the US dollars will find out if the credit card providers can charge you by converting your money budget for it accordingly.