NYC Summer Camps

What Are NYC Summer Camps For?

An NYC summer camp or sleep away camp is a supervised program for youngsters or teenagers usually conducted during the summer months, often in rural areas. Children attending NYC summer camps are called campers. The primary aim of any camp or campsite is to encourage, develop, and prepare the youngster for a life of responsibility and service outside the traditional family environment. The length of a summer camp depends on the child’s age and developmental level.


A summer camp provides the ideal opportunity for your child to develop new skills and make new friends. They will be working with other children of their age, and this will allow them to socialize with other kids of their age and share ideas and experiences. In a camp or campsite, your child will be able to make new friends and meet new people. This is also an excellent way for your child to build new social and teamwork skills.


Camps offer all kinds of facilities and activities, so you can choose the one that is right for your child. Some camps provide sports gear, games, and computer equipment. Other camps may only offer video games or television. A campground may not have access to swimming pools, hiking trails, or organized classes and activities, which are available in some primary and secondary schools. So, make sure to check what facilities and services your prospective camp offers before you sign up.


As your kids play, explore, and discover, they gain valuable life skills like responsibility, self-confidence, independence, and teamwork. This is particularly important during this year where the school is out and families are busier than usual. On a summer camp, kids can concentrate on building their life skills while having fun. Camp counselors will help identify your kids’ needs so they can tailor their program to meet their specific goals.