Physical Therapy Orange County

Why I Believe That Physical Therapy Orange County Can Be Highly Beneficial

Sometime back, my brother and I moved boxes full of old mementos into the attic to free up space in our home. I was in charge of packing the stuff to be stored while he had to transport the items to the attic. I remember clearly that he was just about to put the last box in the crawl space when suddenly the rung he was stepping on broke… In a flash, he was lying on the floor writhing in agony. I immediately dialed 911 and requested EMTs to take him to the hospital.

After undergoing extensive diagnosis, our doctor informed us that he had suffered from a misplaced disc which was to blame for his continued back pain. He somberly informed us that we had two options… My brother could either have undergone a surgical procedure to align the disc, or he could attend visit a licensed professional offering physical therapy Orange County to get his spine aligned.


Given our financial situation and fearing surgery would be too painful, we settled on going to a qualified physiotherapist to get the treatment he needed. Based on advice from our doctor, we took the following steps to find a skilled professional offering physical therapy in Orange County.


  • We carried out intensive research to identify physiotherapists in our locality
  • We then checked to see if the American Physical Therapy Association accredited them
  • We then called the professionals to gauge their rates and find out how they scheduled sessions


On identifying a trained, licensed and accredited professional within our price range, we visited their offices for a consultation. After agreeing on the terms of treatment, the physiotherapist took the following measures:


  • First, she rigorously examined my brother
  • After identifying the location of the misaligned disc, she informed us on the care regimen that my brother would follow
  • She then informed us on what to expect during physiotherapy sessions and told us what to expect during the recovery journey
  • Lastly, she informed us on the do’s and don’ts during the period that the sessions would be taking place, as well as the things that my brother should do to quicken his recovery


I am happy to report that after just a few sessions, my brother’s back, health and general wellbeing have improved dramatically due to the physical therapy he has been receiving.