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The Power of Being Recognized: 3 Points on Employee Recognition

Rudyard Kipling sums up words as “the most powerful drug used by mankind.” There is a hidden beauty in being recognized with the right words, at just the right time, by just the right person. Whether in the field of business and customer service or even just your day-to-day conversations, recognition brings positive power. Here are pointers on recognizing someone for a job well done.


Simplicity is Key


Don’t make it longer, more roundabout, and more complicated than it has to be. It can be said that the two most essential words in the corporate world are “thank you.” The greatest and most influential people inspire loyalty and performance by expressing gratitude. Develop a habit of saying “thank you” when the circumstances warrant it. Not just because this blog means so, but because recognizing you can’t do it alone, and that other people matter just as much as you, is one facet of being a human.


They Can Smell Fake


Be real, because people will know when you are faking it. Feigning recognition will result in the opposite; people will feel that they are being mocked, lowering their self-esteem.


Be Specific


Outline the meaningful and useful work in your company or organization. Define the impactful behaviors, then work on recognizing those actions when they occur. When people are recognized, they will feel motivated to try again and repeat those actions.


Consistency is Important


It needs to be deliberate. It needs to be a priority. Thank you’s and great job’s and well done’s aren’t that long. Take the little time it requires to say thank you, for it will go a long way.


It Is Not Merely Passing


You may be busy, drowning in paperwork, writing emails, answering calls, meeting deadlines, and handling complex intra- and interpersonal problems, and a million other things to take care of. But genuine gratitude is not a fad, not a one-time task that you forget the next day. It is a process that requires consistency.


Being simple, genuine, and consistent in your gratitude will net the highest impact on productivity and effectivity. There is real power in words, and if they are alluded to as knives, then be a surgeon instead of a butcher; be careful instead of wrathful, heal instead of destroying.