Jacksonville Criminal Attorney

What You Should Know About Jacksonville Criminal Attorney

What you should know about Jacksonville criminal attorney is that they are not created equally, which means that there are lawyers that are better than others by a mile. Of course, if you are in the middle of a case, you will want to have the better lawyer on board. But what makes a lawyer a better lawyer than others?

It’s all about the experience. There are law firms out there who make it clear right on their website that they have 100 years or 80 years. It’s well and good because it tell you the law firms has, over the years, consistently maintained a stable of competent lawyers to represent different clients in a wide variety of criminal cases. However, general experience shouldn’t be your only barometer. You need to check whether or not the lawyer has extensive experience in the case you find yourself in.

For example, if you’ve been accused of financial fraud because of an MLM scheme you marketed to people, you need to be looking for a lawyer that has experience handling cases with the exact same specifics, that is, MLM and financial fraud. As for other crimes, it’s the same thing. The specifics of the cases they handled should be the same as yours.

Experience aside, there is the matter of winning percentage. Obviously, you will want to hire someone who has won more cases than he has lost. We like to believe that a 60 percent winning percentage is not enough in a high-stakes case. Go for lawyers that have winning percentages of at least 70 percent.

When it comes to the actual hiring, you don’t want to hire the first lawyer you encounter online. Make sure you schedule a consultation meeting (usually for free) with at least three lawyers that you have already pre-qualified as having the relevant experience and has a high winning percentage. In the meeting, you will want to get a feel for who you think you can work with easily. Do not underestimate the power of having rapport with your lawyer.

Hopefully, the lawyer that you decide to hire has a payment plan that will make it easier for you to pay fees. Most lawyers we know don’t offer payment plans, however, don’t be afraid to negotiate a payment plan, especially if your case is rather convoluted and may drag.